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Transforming Healthcare Through Hope & Healing


Carrus Hospitals recognizes that a patient’s healing process may come from various paths, where each path comes together to provide for a complete recovery. Physicians, nursing staff, therapists, and other ancillary services all come together for the ultimate caregiving that each patient receives. Carrus embraces a standard of excellence that maximizes continuous quality improvement - which optimizes safe, unsurpassed outcomes - empowering patients and their families on their journey toward recovery.



Through the delivery of world class healthcare services, and in partnership with its community, Carrus Hospitals is committed to servant leadership through accountability, respect, excellence and advocacy.



  • We will treat all with the respect and compassion that we would require for ourselves or our loved ones.
  • We will honor those who are not present in our conversations, deeds and actions.
  • We will develop an organizational culture characterized by teamwork, diversity and empowerment.


  • We will maximize the use of all resources to achieve the organizations outcomes.
  • We will use our personal skills and talents to reach excellence in all that we do for our patients and organization.


  • We will be honest, forthright, truthful and trustworthy in all interactions.
  • We will strive to always do the right thing for the right reason.
  • We are committed to living our corporate and personal lives with integrity.


  • We recognize and respect the different cultures in our community and facility. We will celebrate the similarities of all humankind


Guiding Principles

                    Carrus CARES                                   C-OMMITMENT      
Compassion, Passion, Professionalism                    A-CCOUNTABILITY